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Comfortable walking sandals to Combat Foot Pain | Aerothotic - Aerothotic: Original Orthotic Comfort Sandals

People who have no time to spare for unnecessary foot problems understand the importance of comfortable walking sandals. Busy people, especially working women, find it hard to walk in fancy shoes for long hours and spend the next day suffering from foot pain.

The daily hustle and bustle of life do not provide time to waste on such issues. Problems related to the feet are not only time consuming but have a huge impact on your health as well. A bad pair of shoes can mess up your foot structure and cause various problems that will act as a hurdle in your daily hustle. It so happens that the latest fashion in women footwear specifically is not the most comfortable one causing various podiatric health concerns.

If you are someone who wants to remain comfy while you take care of your daily chores, then we understand your struggle. We have found the ultimate solution for you!
We have compiled a list of some of the most comfortable walking sandals that are going to accompany you in the daily race of life. We will also be explaining how the certain features of these sandals have an impact on your overall foot health. Orthotic sandals are the answer to all your foot woes.

We understand the struggle of busy people and have created an ultimate guide to make sure that you remain comfy no matter what the occasion is. The absolute dream of a busy woman is to look flawless without spending much time in front of a mirror. Wearing heels and strappy sandals every day can be time-consuming. You need slip-on sandals or slides that require less to no time when it comes to everyday wear.
It is a healthy, smart, stylish, and economical option. You only have to spend money on these once in your life and leave it on these sandals to solve all your troubles.
Read further to achieve everlasting foot comfort;

Low Heel

Orthotic sandals are typically provided with a low heel. As the main purpose of a good orthotic sandal is walking, it is evident that they support low heel. High heels don’t come feasible when it comes to everyday walking. You will have to spend the next day on your bed whining about foot pain. Comfortable sandals for walking should have heels that are no longer than 1.5 inches. The absence of heels or too much heel, both are dangerous for the health of your feet.

You need best comfortable walking sandals that maintain a good distance between your feet and the ground. A sandal that has no or flat heel will end up causing severe heel pain. Orthotic sandals support your feet with their reasonable heel height that is made while keeping foot anatomy in the mind. Make sure you measure your heel before you buy your next footwear.


Arch Support

Another noticeable and important feature of orthotic sandals is arch support. If you are a working woman and don’t own a sandal with ample arch support, then this may be the reason behind your foot pain. Arch support is the most necessary thing in footwear for people who consider themselves active. No orthotic sandal is complete without an elaborated footbed that is made to provide ultimate support. The pain in the arch is most likely to hit the people who have high arches.


The detailed structure of your feet can be harmed when it is provided with a different footbed that doesn’t match the sole of your feet. If you have flat feet, then you need a sandal that is made according to your feet shape. For high arches, you need a footbed that fills the cavity between your sole and ground. This support will make you feel as if you are walking barefoot. All the comfortable sandals for walking incorporate good arch support that is responsible for your satisfaction. You can provide your feet with all the love and your arch with all the care as long as you have a good pair of most comfortable walking sandals.

Deep Heel Cup

A deep heel cup in most comfortable walking sandals is usually responsible to cradle your heel and keep it safe from any harm or danger. Your heel is also created in a natural round shape which can get flattened out if placed on a flat surface. To avoid that, you need footwear has a deep cup in a round shape. This contour will match the natural shape of your heel and make you feel at ease and comfort. Most comfortable walking sandals for travel have a profound heel cup which keeps your feet safe. You don’t need to put any extra effort to keep your heels soft and clean as long as you have cute comfortable sandals for walking.

This feature most definitely keeps your feet in place and avoids it from moving too much. Even when your feet get sweaty, this feature will make sure that your feet remain at its place.


Do You Really Need Comfortable Walking Sandals with Orthotic Support?

The simple answer to this question is yes.

The most cliché explanation is of a brick wall. No matter how strong and tall a wall is, if you remove one founding brick, the entire wall will fall apart. Similarly, feet are the foundation of your body. You put so much effort, hit the gym, and eat healthy food to appear strong and healthy, but if your feet aren’t in good form, it will all go to waste. You need to have strong support under your feet that will make sure that you stand tall and tough overall.

Wearing orthotic sandals shouldn’t be an option. We all love comfort, and everyone wants to remain healthy. Orthotic sandals are an ultimate guard for your feet that make sure that you are safe from foot pain and other lethal foot diseases.

We would recommend cute comfortable walking sandals for anyone who is on the feet for long hours. You can’t simply spend a long day at work in heels and not have foot pain the other day. If you want to remain comfy all week, then opt for sandals that are anatomically developed. Give your feet dream support in the form of comfortable walking sandal. You have now found a way to combat foot pain without having to spend a lot of money and time.

They make you look stylish!

Have you ever seen a celebrity on the red carpet look extremely uncomfortable in cool clothes? You may agree with the fact that a bit of discomfort takes away all the shine from expensive clothes. Comfort is the new cool! You can make a cheap piece of clothing look classy and good if you are comfortable within your skin. A confident smile and strong walk is all you need to present yourself as the absolute diva.


The comfort of such walking sandals will add to your overall confidence. You don’t have to walk awkwardly as long as you have these sandals under your feet. It’s not even about the appearance, as now orthotic sandals are available in fashion-forward designs. There are many brands that are making stylish walking sandals which will allow you to look cool while you feel comfortable.

Choose orthotic sandal with a little bling and style. Get garish and bright colors to appear feminine. These sandals will surely make you feel as if you are walking the red carpet of life like your favorite superstar.

The only difference is that you’d appear much more confident, comfortable, and stylish. Comfort and fashion are now available at the same time. Just slide in your feet in orthotic friendly comfortable walking sandal and get ready to take over the day!

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