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These do not flop around noisily like most flip-flops! They're snug enough to stay in place and feel secure, the heel cup keeps my foot in place, the rubber sole is super comfortable. I've been caught in rain and had to walk through puddles, no problem. They're perfect

Pam H

These were excellent for me as I traveled Greece. They supported my arch, and were extremely sturdy. Most flip-flops like this are spongy, but these were solid. Excellent purchase

Maryanne E

I have always needed a good arch support, have tried many different sandals including Oofos & Birkenstock. They are good, but I practically live in these sandals. I can stand on my feet all day long, walk miles and they are the most comfortable, supportive sandals I have ever had. The many color choices are wonderful to match your favorite outfits

Brenda M.

I love these shoes. I put them on and felt the cushioned arch support change how straight I stand. My hips and spine aligned better. The arches on my feet are high. So to get this type of support from any shoes is rare. They have become a set favorite shoe in my closet overnight

Sally J

These shoes provide the best arch support for my feet. After breaking my little toe, these were the only shoes I could wear that did not cause pain to my toe. I now own 2 pair.

Kathy W

I have nerve problems in my foot and these shoes were the best. Usually I can’t wear sandals, but these were so comfy, I could keep them on all day. I’m waiting until other colors become available in my size and will buy a few more pairs. Very happy with this purchase.

Kate K

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