What I Wish Everyone Knew About Foot Arch Type!

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Foot Arch Type! - Aerothotic: Original Orthotic Comfort Sandals

What is Arch?

Usually, when you’ve heard of an Arch, what comes in your mind? If unsure, then have a look, an arch is a curved shape structure that elevates the space and may or may not support the weight upon it.

Foot Arch Type:                               

An arch of a foot is formed by bones of two kinds known as metatarsal and tarsal bones, which are strengthened by tendons and ligaments. It allows feet to support body weight in maintaining the correct posture. Tarsal is a bunch/cluster comprised of seven articulating bones in each foot. While Metatarsal bones are grouped in five long bones located between hind-foot and mid-foot.


Tarsal BonesTarsal  Bones      

Metatarsal BonesMetatarsal Bones                                      

Are You Interested To Know About Your Foot Arch Type?

We all are blessed with a peculiar foot arch type and mostly unaware of this fact. There are three types of arch structures that commonly exist. Low, medium, and high arches are the three kinds.



People with normal arches are in the neutral category, as 60% of the population has such kind. Biomechanically, this foot arch structure is considered as an efficient type. It has a defined arch, yet it is susceptible to general foot issues. To get rid of such foot issues, proper foot orthotics, and appropriate sandals can work as the best medicine.

Orthotics must have shock-absorbing materials and proper cushioning to provide benefit to people having medium arches. Appropriate footwear assists in maintaining a healthy lifestyle because feet are the support of the body, and if your foundation is robust, you are fit. Medium or you can say neutral arch is moderately flexible plus doesn’t over-pronate.


Among three peculiar foot arch types, the second one is classified as flat feet or low-arch. If the structure of your feet looks like a complete foot with no hollow space, then you are born with a flat-arch type. This kind of foot arch type excessively pronates whenever you run or walk. So for that, it needs motion control shoes or proper orthotics to get rid of over-pronation.

Like other foot arch types, people with flat-arch are susceptive to joint problems, plantar fasciitis, and muscle stress issues. Low arches are flexible and tend to roll inward with a little arch definition that sits low on the ground.

Don’t panic! If you’re one of them. Among the total ratio, 20% of the population lies in the flat-arches category. Sensibly selected footwear can prevent you from foot injuries as well as helping to maintain an active lifestyle. Low-arches are supposed to be imbalanced biomechanically, hence they require keen attention if you have one!


Lastly, the last foot arch type is High-Arch, also called Hollow foot. From one of the eccentric foot-facts, if your footprint has a little impression, that means you’re likely to have high-arches. The high foot arch type is rigid as compared to other feet structure, and classified as supinated. 20% of the population falls into a high foot arch type category.

When we run or walk, our foot absorbs the shock, and impact creates through movement. Though, people having high arches have less surface area to absorb shock and hence come across extreme pressure on the forefoot and rearfoot areas.

High arches are vulnerable to heel pain syndrome, plantar fascia, claw toes, and arch strain. Podiatrists suggest picking the right orthotics to avoid foot problems. The excellent footwear and orthotics are the ones with strong cushioning properties and proper stability. People with a high arch structure should look for natural shock absorption shoes to maintain a stable base for a healthy lifestyle.

Does Arch Type Matter While Buying a Shoe?

Definitely, Yes! Major foot-related problems arise due to wrong shoe-selection and improper orthotics. If you know your foot arch type, then you are well-aware of the kind of footwear supporting your arch type.


The medium arch type doesn’t overly pronate and absorb shock accurately. Doctors suggested top pick sandal that supports your arch type. Among an extended list of sandals, Luna women’s slingback sandals from Aerothotic is considered as ideal footwear for normal arches. Don’t waste time and style your gears with these beautiful gloss exterior sandals this season and slay like a pro!



People with low-arches look for a shoe having motion control properties. Low arches or flat feet mostly over-pronate and hence required motion control shoes to reduce this pronation. Your search will surely come to an end. Look at this wondrous warm tone low-arch support sandal and make it your wardrobe essential. Style with casual attire aesthetically in summers or springs. Whirl from Aerothotic will surely be your next favorite for its adjustable Velcro strap and ultra-comfortable sole.



A high foot arch type doesn’t absorb shock and is less exposed to the ground. Since it faces immoderate pressure on rearfoot and forefoot areas. Footwear with cushioning support is ideal for high arches because this kind of foot structure requires stability.

Aerothotic sandals are composed of state-of-the-art polyurethane material, which makes them super durable, light-weight, and comfortable. Don’t go here and there and make your outfit exciting without compromising on functionality by having Mirage Platform Sandals in your collection.


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