MAP Policy

We observe that our quality accomplices contribute time and resources to convey a phenomenal client support through proficient staff and convincing seller performance. To secure the speculation of our quality collaborators and the brands notoriety, we have singularly received a MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY ("MAP policy"). This MAP strategy forbids affiliates from promoting Aerothotic items underneath an explicit cost assigned by Aerothotic. Promotion dependent on low-cost, rather than service and esteem, can be impeding to Aerothotic’s competitive status and resellers’ administration and backing endeavors.

Aerothotic’s USP is giving genuine comfort and quality items, which has transformed over a million of clients into satisfied shoppers. Aerothotic found that publicizing its items below levels built up by Aerothotic weakens its norms. Thusly, this method is planned so as to anchor our approved dealers, wholesalers and retailers, who have put in their services to give customer support anticipated from Aerothotic clients, in addition, controlling cost based advertising. This arrangement applies to U.S affiliates only.

Aerothotic condemns these practices and believes that such advertising and sale procedures are deceitful. Aerothotic, in its biased attention, won't work with any resellers, with regards to the items secured by this MAP policy, if that reseller deliberately promotes any MAP item beneath its assigned MAP cost. Aerothotic is sure that this program will reinforce its brand and provide benefits to the majority of its affiliates.

Articles must not be publicized for less than MSRP. The MAP for all items will be Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This strategy applies to all promotions of Aerothotic items in all media. Ads include:

(I)Flyers (ii) Posters (iii) Coupons (iv) Catalogs (v) Magazines (vi) Blogs (vii) Internet sites, site pages, and banners (viii) Social media (ix) E-mails (x) Newspapers (xi) Billboards (xii) Brochures (xiii) Television (xiv) Radio advertisements (xv) Direct mailers (xvi) Ad inserts (xvii) Mail-order lists (xviii) Public signage (xix)Any other electronic, print or other showcasing and promotional materials.

Online Policy for Resellers:

Aerothotic carefully chose this Authorized Online Reseller Policy in regard to its high-quality branded products. So as to help web sales and secure the privileges of certified resellers, Aerothotic has built up a few strategies to guarantee the rights of its resellers. This policy is legit to all affiliates of Aerothotic who purchase the item directly or indirectly from Aerothotic. Policies incorporated are:

(i)   Merely sanctioned ecommerce Retail Partners can sell Aerothotic sandals online. All other Aerothotic footwear online sale is forbidden.

(ii)  Turning out to be an authorized e-commerce Retail Partner, we will look after the followings:

  • Aerothotic must evaluate and commend the respected e-commerce website/platform.
  • Retail will have to accept the follow Aerothotic’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.
  • Product pictures, brand logo and description of any item will submitted and fortunately approved by Aerothotic.
  • Any Retail Partner before offering sandals at discounted prices must get the endorsement from Aerothotic.

 (iii)  Aerothotic upholds all the rights to dismiss working with any Retail Partner who disrupts this policy.

(iv)  Aerothotic does not permit ANY third party resale without the communicated, written agreement of Aerothotic. Infringement of this approach will result in end of business association with Aerothotic.

Aerothotic will act strictly against violation of any MAP Policy which appears to be pertinent and significant. In addition, Aerothotic claims all authority to alter, suspend or stop this MAP Policy entirely or to some parts whenever required.