General practice from the past times has reported that walking barefoot has instilled health benefit that results in healthier feet and longer life. Walking barefoot is an activity you mostly indulged at home. But for many, this is their regular exercise and daily practice. When a newborn is learning to walk or stroll, parents let them experience this natural process, and that is certainly without footwear. It is because shoes or sandals can affect how a child responds to the feet movement and uses bones and muscles of the feet. Toddlers also receive feedback from the terrain when they go barefoot and improves the process of proprioception (an awareness of the position and movement of the body).

As children get grown-up, they are compelled to put shoes on their feet and eventually succumb to the benefits of walking barefoot. That’s the prime and foremost reason that advocates of barefoot walking encourage to let the feet feel easy and pushing back on wearing footwear all day long.

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PROS & CONS OF A BAREFOOT WALK! Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Check-out the benefits of walking barefoot!

According to Foot and Ankle specialist, the most immediate benefit of walking barefoot is that it redeems our ‘natural’ walking pattern, which is also known as gait. While the top 3 described below:

  1. Keeps Feet Healthy

As walking barefoot strengthens the natural ambling process, there are some other added benefits connected to it. When you go shoeless, your feet skin is stretched and hence kept relaxed and undergo accurate feet movements. The tendons, muscles, and ligaments also get strengthened and therefore combats the chances which lead to sore feet. People with flat feet are recommended to walk barefooted because it improves the flexor muscle power and provide excellent traction, which is ideally beneficial for them.

benefits of walking barefoot

  1. Better Foot Mechanics

Walking barefoot can protect your feet from various discomforts. It provides excellent control of the foot position as you hit the ground. While the most straightforward benefit includes improvements in body posture, which further improves overall balance. With the barefoot walk, healthier foot mechanics is confirmed, which leads to improved movements of the knees, spine, and core. Ill-fitting shoes can cause hammertoes, bunions, blisters, and other foot deformities, which may reduce while you walk barefoot on grass daily! Furthermore, the stronger leg muscles support the foundation of the body that is your back region.   

Better Foot Mechanics

  1. Releases Stress

Walking barefoot has some explicit and implicit health benefits while walking barefoot on grass has something more beneficial to offer. Green is a color of renewal, nature, life, and energy. It symbolizes freshness, harmony, and growth. According to research, going barefoot on green grass mitigate stress level by 62 percent. Women with hypertension syndrome are encouraged to walk on grass as the best stress releasing therapy!

Dangers of Walking Barefoot

Why you should not walk barefoot? Potential Dangers of Walking Barefoot!

As there are definite pluses of a barefoot walk, there are also some enumerated disadvantages of walking barefoot. You are more predisposed to feet deformities and disorders as you walk barefoot and exposed to the harsh realities of the environment. Walking without the shoe is relatively safer when you’re home, but as soon as you step outside the house, you reveal your feet to the possible hazards that can cause more prominent problems.


When you step out-of-door, you expose your feet to rough terrains, which can cause severe foot injuries. Rough, uneven, or slippery exteriors of the ground have tiny but sharp objects that result in hurting your feet intensely. Moving with great slippers and sandals under your feet can reduce foot injuries to the maximum level. Your feet remain secured in podiatric arch support sandals by Aerothtoic, which proffers cushioning and reflexogenic footbed. Avoiding walking barefoot, particularly outside the house, gives a better foot life.



Without proper strength on the feet, you are in jeopardy of having poor foot mechanics. Walking without shoes all day long is practically harmful, and your feet need additional support in the form of supportive footwear. Comfortable sandals with arch support offer excellent protection to feet injuries combating arch twists and strains. The ideal deep heel cups of Aerothotic sandals nestle your feet in the deep cup, which helps in posture alignment.

ideal deep heel cups 


Stepping barefoot on the rough and hard surfaces causes several feet discomforts. The shoeless walk leads foot to collapse, giving a tremendous amount of stress not only on the feet but also on the rest of the body. Our feet naturally pronate when we walk or run, but when we walk barefooted, the process of pronation turns long, which causes alternation in feet biomechanics. This asymmetry leads to hammertoes, bunions, and painful feet deformities. Therefore, wearing comfortable sandals with arch support is suitable to cover long errands without leaving sore feet.

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Benefits of Walking Barefoot - EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY 2020
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Benefits of Walking Barefoot - EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY 2020
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